After the sunset… Romancing Capital

My dying fantasy with the national capital suddenly came alive in wake of sudden chain of events in the last one month or so. This last sip from the cocktail of emotions of mine bound with Delhi had almost every flavor one could even imagine. While leaving the capital this time I had a very strong desire to comeback as soon as possible just to be with her.

‘Before sunrise’ had feelings of parting, but ‘After sunset’ has the wildest of possibilities of a comeback. Former rendered me weak and broke, but in the later I am feeling stronger than ever and much more insured. It’s good that it is happening, the wait has only bettered the flavor of the cocktail.

After she bid adieu, with last glimpse of her getting into the elevator. I boarded the metro not even sure about where I intended to go.

I spent some fantastic 8 hours with her. I tell you what is different with her being with me. She has this mysteriously electrifying presence so desirable, that she will make you want her more and more with every single passing moment. A lifetime’s serenade definitely. She is like someone who will make you feel so normal even under glare of millions of tensions. She seems to have always been a part of my existence touching my circadian rhythm with such ease and elegance.

See how I intended to write about the romancing capital but my intent has no control over my blogging. She entirely has.


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