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JAI HO !!!


What a pity one can not fast for such a moral cause in the largest democracy of the world- INDIA?

What a funny condition of having agitation for three days? What a strange condition put by Delhi Police that number of protestors participating in the movement should not more that 5000?

Would Delhi police limit the number of participants in Congress political rallies to 5000? Is the Fast by Anna a threat to national security or public peace or India relations with foreign countries? Is it not reminder of June 1975 rally by JP in Delhi led to the imposition of Emergency in India?

May God give good sense to Manmohan Singh and company to respect the political rights of the people guaranteed by our constitution.

Its shameful on the part of UPA government.

When the corrupt government turns Dictatorial , Democratic citizens will have no other go but to resort to other protests which might not be peaceful. Congress is surely testing patience…

Our country’s Police force, irrespective of any State, can’t arrest terrorists, criminals – but they vow to arrest non – violent protesters like Anna Hazare( Or say Baba Ramdev) – who is at least doing something for cleansing Corrupt system. Let Delhi Police First ARREST TERRORISTS and CRMINALS.

Talk of our respected PM Dr. Singh. I think this man has lost his brain and now newly turned dummy deaf.

You can wake up a person if he is really sleeping, but if he acts as sleeping you cannot wake him up. Every time he says corruption is a deep concern so what is he doing to stop this?

A certain percentage of his colleagues are in jail and I guess he knows what his corrupt government is up against. The central government is scared of the impacts on Anna Hazare’s fast, so the police denied permission.

And what freedom Dr. Singh was talking about at the speech at Red Fort? How India got freedom may be Dr. Sing has forgotten (silent protests of Gandhiji).

Even if the Delhi Police refuse permission for the venue, Anna Hazare has space in each and every true Indians heart and he will overcome all the obstacles the government may create.

Let me tell you guys what I personally feel or foresee……even if GandhiJi comes down on earth and try to go on fast against Govt. These corrupt jokers band (Sibal…Tiwari…Singhavi…Parnab…Ambika…etc) even wont allow him to go on fast and might order laathi charge. And you all know what their order means to the Delhi Police.

God save Indian Democracy. Somebody tell these ruling F****** that you all are there because we voted you. Just wait for this election. You’ll know what it means to mess up with the mass……