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Romancing Capital

I have always wanted to indite my gratitude towards the national capital. But my last attempt to do so was severely hampered by an enigma that I have always carried with me. So this time I have tried my level best not to stray from the goal.

Not all those who wander are lost. I have travelled to Delhi more number of times than any other city. I have also been to Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and other big cities and I liked them a lot. But whenever I have left these cities none seemed to be calling me back for more. This is what makes Delhi special.

Hey I can sense myself straying. Love is an evil, my bwoy!!!

So Delhi is a ‘mast mast sheher’ and it always keeps you wanting for more. A certain degree of warmth you can always sense certainly more that other cities. I am not saying other cities are bad places but Delhi is definitely more livable. So I will start writing what I wanted to write, good or bad. My Delhi friends please forgive me you find anything odd in this.

Food is awesome and cheap. You don’t always have to burn a hole in your pocket to get eatable food. Simplest and smallest of eateries will serve you the food that you will end up licking your fingers. I am a veggie but I must say Delhites are crazy about chicken. Some items of Delhi are trademark esp butter chicken, chole bhature, kebabs, etc. I love Delhi’s paneer butter masala. Also I am a big fan of momos. Ask me about Delhi’s most fantastic momo’s spot and I have a story to tell.

The best street food in the world for an urban place ( and I am comparing Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Patna, Allahabad and other North Indian cities of importance only).

I must say people are good looking maybe not always very polite. But that’s alright as nobody gives a F. Dressing is mostly up to the mark.

Best educational facilities in India and most importantly the best libraries I have ever seen.

Best places to go for culture including museums, habitat center, historic places, plays. Definitely not great for concerts, I have a horrible experience of that, so don’t poke me on that. Plus I would like to add that Delhi doesn’t have any nightlife, a big negative when you compare it with Mumbai or Bangalore.

Delhi metro is the best in India. I guess I don’t need to elaborate on that point.

Not very expensive to live in. Many cheap and flexible hostels and lodging options if you really are a man enough to live in those areas. And if you are really a cash machine, Delhi is specially for you.

Lovely parks best IMHO in all urban India except Chandigarh. I have known Delhi from those days when it was polluted, but believe me it’s much more greener that you think it is.

Delhi cops not that good compared to Mumbai( except that they should start speaking Hindi as well) but really hard working and less corrupt than rest of India.

Rule of law especially regarding violent crime against women. Crime gets punished strictly otherwise when newspapers make hue and cry. But I can not say that for whole NCR. In fact I must say NCR people must learnt to respect women. It is definitely not safe for women.

Also Delhi is the center of power with our so called ‘respectable’ parliament in there always keen to fox poor people.

I must add my friends that Delhi has a terrific history that always makes us proud. After all its the capital dude.

Dilli rules.!!


Before Sunrise

Well frankly speaking I never thought of writing this over a blog or make it public at anytime in my life. Because I don’t like writing about love especially my own. But you see it’s here.

It was when I saw the flick ‘ Before Sunrise’ I couldn’t stop myself. It’s not for the first time I have seen this flick. I am kind of used to watching the same flick every now and then. It somehow shows my own story with a girl as beautiful as an angel, a feeling as divine as the first ray of light reaches the earth. But this time it was special.

Almost over year and a half to this day, probably 30/31st of may ( I suck at remembering dates), pretty much similar thing happened to me. What more do you want in your life other that a full 24 hours of passion and dedication with the lassie from your dreams?

A few years down the line a day will come I will read this post and laugh at my self. May be it can happen that I will think foolish of myself writing this post. But believe me each and every moment that day I could sense tranquility. I had nothing to lose, I had everything to lose. Things turn out to be awfully strange sometimes. And the funniest part is you really can’t do anything about it. I had hope of course, or why would I have been there?

Funny isn’t it, hope, content, tranquility, remorse, and blah, blah, blah !!! Halcyon days of my life. 

I knew she is leaving to never come back. I somewhere knew I would never be able to see her. I kept staring like a lamb. But there was this feeling of content. I was smiling deep somewhere in my heart when she promised to comeback the following day. She looked beautiful that moment. Well guess what, I was right, she didn’t comeback, not only the next day but never after. How brilliant I am at times that I am able to foresee the future?

So did it hurt? Of course it did. I was devastated. It was like a nightmare. But it was nothing that I hadn’t been prophesying. It was a long overdue meltdown for us. So I was kind of prepared and she was determined. She will always be an enigma.

Right from the moment I picked her up near her college at 7, to the Connaught Place at 11, to the Comesum at Nizamuddin station at 12, back to the Connaught Place at around 4 in the morning( OMG!!! it was like Carpe diem), I kept telling myself, “This is the day dude, maybe you won’t see her again, maybe you would, but this is the time to tell, talk, convince, impress, force, cajole her. It’s not done as yet.”

We watched a movie, don’t even remember the name. We moved around as if it’s our first date. It looked to me as if Delhi is suddenly an unknown place, and I have a task of finding an amusement for my beloved. She didn’t have her cellphone with her, and neither did I. We were like anonymous fellas trying to compromise with each other. But I loved her, Oh I really did.

We kissed each other. Ahem ahem!!! But something was missing. I will tell about that missing thing later.